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Special Events Insurance

What is Special Events Insurance?

Special Events are a great way to promote organizational causes. Lively venues, entertainment, food and drink make connecting with customers, prospects and employees easier and more effective. Though you are committed to hosting an event that is both safe and special for everyone, a single accident can jeopardize all your time, effort and expense. A Special Events Insurance Policy can provide the peace of mind that comes from having insurance coverage just in case something goes wrong.

Types of Special Events


Main Event

An event that hosts a crowd of people and is staffed by employees and/or volunteers. Events include: galas, trade shows and more.

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance secures all aspects of the day, including: the dress, the venue, the catering, the vendors and more.


Events held on behalf of a 501(c)(3) organizations to raise money, including, but not limited to: galas, dinners, races and more.


Hole-in-one Insurance helps offset the cost of an expensive giveaway prize and/or covering a donation to charity in lieu of the prize.

A Special Events Policy can Include:

General liability and liquor liability coverage with separate coverage limits


Automatic coverage for volunteers, temporary workers and committee members

Food and beverage product liability coverage


Coverage for 1-day, multi-day and annual events with up to 10,000 attendees


Coverage for many types of events (conventions, trade shows, festivals, fundraisers parties, concerts, etc.)

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