The passage and continued implementation of Healthcare Reform, as well as its uncertain political future, have placed employers in a precarious position with their health benefit programs. Nevertheless, employers continue to do their best to balance the need to attract smart and sophisticated employees by offering well-rounded health benefit programs with the costs of providing such programs.

It is important that employers succeed in their balancing act because health benefit programs remain pivotal in attracting and retaining top-notch employees. According to a study performed by MetLife, employees make the financial security and protection of their families a top priority, and many believe that this requires sound health benefit programs. According to the study, employees who are satisfied with their health benefit programs are more likely to remain satisfied with their jobs from year to year.

Research done by the Personal Group revealed that 40% of employers plan to review their health benefit programs, and that employers are beginning to explore the various options that will (or may) be available to their employees under Healthcare Reform. According to a Towers Watson’s 2012 HealthCare Trend Survey, in 2014, when healthcare exchanges are scheduled to become available, employers will begin to reconsider and redefine their role in providing healthcare benefit programs in light of the new options. Since healthcare exchanges will give employers an alternative to the traditional sponsoring of health benefit programs, many employees are beginning to view individual health care plans as a viable option.

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