Insurance companies such as Geico and Progressive started selling personal insurance online over a decade ago. So is it safe to assume that business insurance can also be sold online?

We decided to explore this endeavour and we’re not the only ones. Plenty of insurance agencies offer business insurance, but very few can offer clients an online quote.

Just because the tool is out there doesn’t mean business owners will use it. Getting a quote for business insurance is significantly more complicated than obtaining a personal quote. Some of the other agencies that are offering business quotes are approaching it quite differently than we did.

Hiscox is targeting small business with a page on their site dedicated to explaining the various types of insurance coverage small business owners need. Apogee lists the types of insurance they can quote instantly and features a video tutorial of how to use their quoting tool. Our tool lists all the instant quotes we offer including Property and Liability Quotes, Professional Liability Quotes, Business Auto Quotes, and many more.

The introduction of this tool to our website also created the need for a complete redesign. We call ourselves a full-service independent insurance agency and creating this tool made us realize the possibility for an online marketplace. If clients can get quotes online they should be able to service their policies online as well. That’s why we also created a service page which allows clients to manage their policies online

If successful, online quotes for business insurance could be a big game changer. It will be interesting to see how many more agencies begin offering business quotes online. Get a quote and let us know what you think.

At Setnor Byer Insurance & Risk, we are committed to offering you a seamless insurance experience. Check back with us periodically for informational updates about insurance news. If you have specific questions about our instant quoting tool or if you are ready to take action and would like to see how Setnor Byer Insurance & Risk can help, contact us.

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