Affordable Care Act Notice Requirement Delayed

Affordable Care Act Notice Requirement Delayed

To help individuals understand their health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act (Act), employers are required to give employees written notice about Affordable Insurance Exchanges. The Act’s March 1, 2013 deadline for employers to start giving this notice to all employees was recently pushed back by the Department of Labor (DOL).

Under the Act, the DOL is required to define the scope of the notice requirement and provide guidance on how the requirement can be satisfied by issuing regulations. Unfortunately, these regulations aren’t finished yet, and the DOL has taken the position that employers should not be required to comply with the Act’ notice requirement until the regulations are done.

According to the DOL, “the timing for distribution of notices will be the late summer or fall of 2013, which will coordinate with the open enrollment period for Exchanges.”

So what is the reason for the delay? According to the DOL, efforts need to be coordinated with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Internal Revenue Service. The DOL is considering the possibility of including model, generic language in the regulations that could be used to satisfy the notice requirement and also allowing employers to satisfy the notice requirement by providing employees with an employer coverage template. Regardless of their final form, the DOL expects the regulations to provide employers with flexibility and adequate time to comply.

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